Sunday, July 13, 2008

In Love With Fashion? - Then WORK with Them!

Supposedly Men's Wear

And look at what we made out of it? It certainly became one of ours!! LOL.

Amazing how girls are so determine when they made up their mind bout something. Look at those who are eyeing on their men's shirt, and the next thing we know, every e boutique are selling My Boyfriend's Shirt. wonder what the boyfriend might feel if he were to click on their chick's website and found his shirt on sale. LOL

We've found a couple of vest, quite trendy and versatile on their sizes, might be able to fit all sizes.

Here ya go..

Spotted at Trendy Hunt

From Enchanting Hearts

More Colours from Dressierre

Put them On

Accessories, what did we say previously? They are extremely on demand. Never will you walk out without an earing or two. Never will you spot nothing on that chick that just brushed pass you. Never ever, leave home without one. They are ... kind of.. our best best friend, but obviously not over powering the power of a Diamond. LOL

Here we bring you Charming Pieces with their limited handmade accessories.

With the presence of these little cuties, they obviously are in need to be kept tidy and clean and make sure, they dont rust else, your ears might get some major infection!!

Enchanting Hearts are only selling these organisers for rm15! Now Thats what we call a pretty good bargain.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Kill Those Chills, Sweat it Off

Its so Hot outside, but Cold inside. Being human, gosh, we complain at every single thing. Thank God for clothes, honestly. The Masterpiece of just one little thing can do us so many favours. We are certainly blessed with fine weather, sometimes it rains, sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes its real hot, but when it is, think of this before you start complaining, what about those in Afrika?Those in the Dryland. We are very lucky come to think of it.
So instead of huffing and puffing under that Striking Hot Sun, wear something you know you would feel absolutely comfy in, and then you put on your sunnies, step out into that bright sunny weather, and feel remarkably gorgeous. Thats what clothing materials are for, for you to choose what and what not to wear on different occassions/weather.
For instance, when it is Hot. Try not to wear Satin, or Lycra, or even Knitted Wear. Go for thin cotton, or maybe Lacey tops. Wear Shorts instead of Long Jeans or even skinnies. Shorts exposes your legs, moreover enhances you body figure more from the long fine slender legs. When you wanna attack those Heat, be the Heat youself, baby!!

We certainly love the way, Clothes For Fun kills us with these tanks..

Absolutely gorgeous from Dressing Lab

Something Hot from Blender

Now speaking of Sweating if Off, we might ought to Kill Those Chills as well..
Being cold is not something that serious. We are glad for those that came up with the Air Condition Technology. Plenty salutes all out to those makers..but when it is too much to cope with, that chill, that goosebumps, that freezed up mind, not being able to becomes very VERY serious. So instead of being stonned to your place, always always be prepared for your office enviroment, whether it is always at normal temperature, or so because sometimes it might just pour heavy outside and your indoors might just be a little more chillier than it used to be.
Do have these hanging behind your chair or kept nicely folded in your drawer.
Variety of Cardigans from A Model Studio

Once again, we lurve these, Clothes For Fun
and Dressing Lab with lovely cardigan in tow..

If Cardigans aint your thang, wear these instead!!
A Model Studio brings you this lovely knitted wear..gosh its pretty

and Clothes For Fun with more casual looking Butterfly wings and Classy New Yorker Overlap!

Oh, a note of advice, never ever dress like you are ready to go to Antartica or something. Furry boots, furry bags, furry coats..A SO NONO!!

The Add-ONs

Just those amazing pieces alone, wont do ya good. What are accessories for? To enchance your lovely lady curves and to add on a spark to your outfit. We've found some remarkable accessories when observing those new collections some of the E-boutique has, and we would love for you to look them through because we do think that with these babies, everything from your top to toes will be good to go.
Spotted at Shopaholics Unite!

Oh, they are gorgeous!! From Soak Republic

and Thick Leather Belt from Clothes For Fun

oh and this crystal heart necklace too..last piece, they say!

Striking Bold Colours!!

We definitely L O V E bags and we were somehow surprised to find them so good looking at Clothes For Fun this time because mainly they were focusing more on tops and cute dresses, but this time, omg! Bags ..that was our first reaction when we clicked on them and OMG, they are gone, but no worries , definitely restockable as they were labeled. BUT, note that today is their final Day for their restock orders. Go go go!!! - so loving their new collections!!!

Its Jungle Theme!!!

More like trendy Jungle Theme from Mooie Boutique. Latest Style with mix and match from their collection, together with the Jungle theme? Cute and stylish. They have once again, surprised us!!! Oh, we are so going there later!!

Ohh Goodies

Crazy Load from Moca Boutique!! Recently established .. and we adore their classic chic designs which somehow stand out from the crowd. Very very extraordinary what they have. Although they are a little bit pricey from those online boutiques, they are quite rare actually. So why not? All worth those Kee-chings!

July Smooches

Exactly!! We couldnt cope with 314mails, so we have decided to just focus more on the latest. Seriously, who would wanna see the old ones if we were to be smooched with the latest juicy pieces.

But first of all, we wish to appologize for those who personally emailed us about your e-boutiques. If you have any latest updates, do email us. We promise to check when we have the time to.

So from now on, let us be carried away with all the new in coming lovelies all the e-boutique brought in.


We Are Very Much Alive

So so so so Absolutely sorry for the lack of replies, well, via the email plus lack of Updates (thats the whole point of this blog isnt it?)

Due to the unforseen workload and other duties that we were called for, we had to abandon this for a short while (so we thought) and to continue where we left off, when we are able to pay 110% attention on related fashion subject, with the latest update in town.

Updates will be coming up in a while..(crossing our fingers) .. please dont give up on us

We are still welcoming all emails. although we have exactly 314emails pending....*gasp!*


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Charming Pieces on Accessories

Accessories normally needed to complete your daily outfit. Be it just an anklet, or a headband, they add a lil spice to what you are wearing and to complete it with a sense of satisfaction that you know you look good. Girls are normally dying to get their hands on accessories, why? Because accessories do cater to the same reason why diamonds are girls' bestest buddies.
Add a little charm bracelet and it somehow make ur arms a little bit more delicate and slender
Add on a necklace to complete each style with the latest trend
Add on a Bangle and it will probably complete the ethnic look that you've been wanting to
Enuf said, Charming pieces actually provides a wide range of accessories for you to pick at and each of them, proudly designed by the owner with barehands and of cos, other special tools to complete the whole thing and every designed that she created will only be the one and only, so think about being the one and only to own the item and not to fear ever coming across the same thing worn by another girl at the same time? Special isnt it?
Just a little sneak peek at what Charming Pieces are selling, to give you an idea on what we are rambling about..

If you love these, wait till you see what they have on their site!